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What I want (from a development tool/toolset)

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I’ve exposed myself to Linux, and while some things have been a challenge, I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed myself learning Linux and using Linux. ( I’ve told all of my friends and family that I’m going to stop supporting/maintaining their Windows. I can’t stand to clean up… Read more »

My 100th Blog Post

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I’ve made it to my 100th posting. I must think I have important things to say to have commented on 99 things. Some of my fellow technologists have admitted to not understanding blogging or podcasting. I can’t blame them. Everyone has an opinion. How many of those opinions are actually… Read more »

REALbasic for Linux now shipping

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For your consideration, REALbasic for Linux is now shipping. REALbasic is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. REALbasic standard for Linux: Free REALbasic professional for Linux: $400 (This one has the good stuff in it.) Not open source Allows for royalty-free software distribution, just like VFP. The Professional… Read more »

Promising Future: Growing enough food to feed the world

The United States produces a huge amount of food. Cattle, chickens, turkey, salmon, and other types of meat. Other countries struggle to produce their own food. Struggle to feed their own populations. What if, in the future, you could grow meat? No animal necessary, just the meat. Anyone who has… Read more »

Hack Proof XBox 360?

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Here’s an article that ran in the BBC about Microsoft creating a hack proof XBox 360: “We’ve taken security to the hardware level and built it in from the ground up,” said Chris Satchell from the Xbox Advanced Technology Group. “One of the reasons we went with custom hardware… Read more »