Visual Foxpro to Real Studio Converter – 0.1beta

I love Visual Foxpro. Let me throw that out there right now and right up front. Unfortunately, Microsoft isn’t going to continue to develop Visual Foxpro and official support is scheduled to end in 2015. Sure, there will be VFP applications that continue to run for years to come. But, where do you go when you’ve got years of VFP applications developed?

One of the technologies that I’m moving to is Real Studio (RealBasic) by Real Software Inc., located in Austin, TX, USA. The joy and productivity that I had in VFP, I find in RS. Did I mention that it’s cross platform: Linux, Mac and Windows! There’s even a web edition!

Anyway, wouldn’t you wish that there was a utility to convert your VFP forms over to Real Studio? Well wish no more! Take a look.

Still here? Okay, lets look at the pros and cons:


  1. Converts your forms over from VFP to RS
  2. Keeps the controls naming convention
  3. The converter is free to use!
  4. The converter is open sourced in that if there is a bug you could even fix it yourself and keep going!


  1. Not all controls are supported just yet.
  2. Only converts forms; no reports, labels, menus, classes, programs
  3. None of the method or even code code is converted
  4. Not tested on heavily subclassed forms
  5. Doesn’t make you taller or better looking
  6. Who the hell is Kevin Cully anyway?

Well anyway, I do really like Real Studio and I hope you find this converter interesting. If you find a bug or need an enhancement, please drop me a line. It helps to incentivize me if you would tell me how this would make the world a better place for you. If you find (and fix) a bug or make an enhancement, let me know and give back! We can make version 0.2beta even better!

Download the VFPtoRS source code here! Version 0.1beta [60k]

Oh yes, I’m also speaking at the Real World Conference in May 2012 in Orlando. Come on down and learn more about Real Studio! If you are a VFP developer, I think you’ll like using it as a development platform as much as I do.

Thanks everyone!

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