FoxCon 2015: My presentation on “Xojo for the Desktop and Web”

I had a great time at the FoxCon in Toledo. FoxCon is a long running invitation-only conference that historically came from the Visual Foxpro programming world. The conference has, pleasantly, transformed itself more into a technical business conference. Yes, there were sessions on programming and databases, but there were great presentations on Being More Productive as well as Sales And Marketing your business.

My presentation was intended to be on the technical side of the presentation list, to give a (very) brief overview of the Xojo product with greater focus on Web application development. I prepared a lot of slides for the presentation but attempted to get through the slides as quickly as possible. I understood that the attendees are going to be most impressed by seeing the actual demonstration of the Xojo programming development environment. After a brief and simple example of a web application, I headed into a more extensive sample application of “Eddie’s Electronics”. This demo application demonstrated more advanced web topics: database access and data display, dynamic image display, and Google Maps.

If you want to see a copy of the slides from my presentation, click here: Xojo for VFP Developers

After introducing the web edition application for a bit, I decided to “place my head into the lion’s mouth”. I was going to spin up a virtual server, FTP the application, launch it, and invite each of the attendees to hit the web application from whatever device they choose whether that is from a laptop of a phone device.

I created a Ubuntu 32bit Server at and it was created in 27 seconds. I connected with the console application via the browser and logged in to change the password. Never has something been so difficult to type than that damned password. I eventually got it however and changed the password. I FTP uploaded the main Eddie’s Electronics application first. When that completed I started loading the supporting libraries. While those files were uploading, I set the execution privileges on the main application. I published a link to this application on my website to help ease the phone users enter into the site.

Bottom line is that we had 29 simultaneous connections all hitting the web application at one time, running on a $0.007/hour server. I had made some changes to the web application that logged out the hits, session ID, memory available, and the browser and OS of the visiting user. It was great seeing that scroll along on the screen.

Overall we had some great questions about Xojo, what it could do and what is is bit more difficult to accomplish. I really appreciated the opportunity to speak about a product that I’m passionate about.

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