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The USA seems to be consolidating their banking into several huge banks. Their service seems to be as you would expect. I have my corporate account with a small local bank but I’m in the process of shutting down that business and eventually that account. It’s not often that I… Read more »

Google Merchant Data Feed Update

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I have a client that lives and dies with Google for his business. Adwords, organics, and Shopping Results are key to driving traffic and orders through his business. On September 22nd, Google is updating their requirements for the feed they accept for their Merchant accounts. We were successfully uploading over… Read more »

Promising Future: Growing enough food to feed the world

The United States produces a huge amount of food. Cattle, chickens, turkey, salmon, and other types of meat. Other countries struggle to produce their own food. Struggle to feed their own populations. What if, in the future, you could grow meat? No animal necessary, just the meat. Anyone who has… Read more »