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How Dell Pumped North Carolina for more than $270,000,000

The Register is following this story closely: Of course, Michael Dell is worth approximately $16,000,000,000 according to Forbes . His annual salary is $3,400,000. Rock on, I say! If your company can make $3.3B in net profits in one year, be worth $16B, and bring home $3.4M a year… Read more »

HP to slash workforce by about 10 pct

      No Comments on HP to slash workforce by about 10 pct “They’ve gotten themselves in fighting shape here,” said technology strategist Caris & Co. analyst Mark Stahlman. “I think this is going to give a big boost to morale internally.” “big boost to morale”? This is code-speak meaning “big boost to the stockholders”. Another example of the tail wagging the… Read more »