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REALbasic Screencast 2 – Simple RB Internet App Walkthrough

In this screencast, I’m taking a simple REALbasic example application, doing a quick show of the code behind the scenes, and building the application for Linux and Windows. The results and operation are virtually identical on both platforms. Take a look! Click here to see the screencast in your browser…. Read more »

Introduction to Linux

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Have you heard me, or someone else, perhaps a news story mention Linux? Perhaps you’re curious and you want to see what it would be like to download and try out Linux, even what it would take to install it. What does it look like? Is it hard to use?… Read more »

Vista Confusion

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I’m reading the �Vista: The Essential Guide� issue from PC Magazine (January 2007) and it’s full of confusing contradictary information. BTW, this is a �double issue� but somehow, it still feels light compared to what it was historically. We start with the �First Word� by Jim Louderback. He starts his… Read more »

Not yet again! Microsoft warns of critical Windows and IE flaw

Windows security flaw could allow hackers to take over PCs through malicious Web sites. Microsoft said the vulnerability exists in its Internet Explorer Web browser, which an attacker could exploit to take over a PC by running software code after luring users to malicious Web pages. Computer security experts and… Read more »