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That darned file

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I recently purchased some plugins to help with a development project I’m working on. Well, to register and decrypt the plugins, I had to run an application that required the library which has long been deprecated. I found some help from the following web site however: Here’s the… Read more »

REAL World 0.1

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It seems as if my last few weeks, I’ve been pushing myself to the max. I normally don’t like to fill up my life that much. Well, I’ve been looking forward to RW for a while now, and it has arrived before I knew it. I’ve been in Birmingham, AL… Read more »

Gates and M$’ future direction in programming?

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My friend, Russell Campbell, sent me this link this morning. Gates talks up declarative modeling language effort F(@*$($(*&*#(*$$*#()@) I’m so happy I’m getting off the M$ B$. Here’s my favorite quote that I think says it all: “It’s something that will change software development…” Of course this is a gem… Read more »