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Making REALbasic impersonate VFP

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When transitioning from one language to another, there’s always an awkward time where you’re thinking like the old language, and struggling with the new. In the past it has been of help to create functions in the new language to help the transition process. Eventually the “transition” function set is… Read more »

Got a new Puppy

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My kids demanded it.  They were fighting, causing trouble.  I finally gave in. They were fighting over the computer.  I had some (very) old laptops hanging around and I decided to slap Puppy Linux on one of them.  Just damn.  Every time I try Puppy, it is astounding.  Stupid name,… Read more »

REALbasic presentation tonight at Atlanta Foxpro Users Group

I’m presenting my FoxForward sessions (condensed) at the AFUG meeting tonight.  This is a brand new location for us at KC Pit BBQ but it sounds great: food, drink, private room for the presentation, wireless Internet.  If they serve Mt. Dew, I’m set! I’m nervous about the presentation.  I learned… Read more »