Buffalo Technology’s LinkStation has the web abuzz!

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We have hit the price point! It seems that Buffalo has hit the right price point with the right capabilities at the right time. The web is abuzz of favorable reviews of this thing. Small, huge capacity, at the right price.

I turned an aging machine that I got from my neighbor into a Fedora Core 2 Linux file server. It was pretty easy to set up, configure NFS for my Linux pcs, and Samba for my Windows pcs. Printing is currently handled by a DLink print server. Ever since I bought the DLink print server, I’ve been silently chastizing myself for not getting one sooner.

Ah, my server. My 12G HD is almost full of backup files and OGG Vorbis files. (All legal.) Jumping to a LinkStation with 120G or 250G capacity, low fan noise sure is tempting. I’m assuming that the power requirements for such a device is lower as well since it doesn’t need to run any other periferal devices such as a video card, or (more importantly) a massive CPU. I would call this device, using the right tool for the right job.

While we’re on the periferals of the NAS subject, what ever happened to the Snap! servers? They used to own this market! They’re still around but a similar configuration to the LinkStation costs *twice* the amount! $500 for an 80G HD?!? I must be missing something!
Snap Server Review from PCWorld

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