My Server Died Today

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My server died today. It has always been a little flaky since I got it for free from my neighbor. PIII, 256M RAM, 12G HD. It is a long story on how I came to receive this machine. Anyway, I think the IDE drive is going. It has frozen up on me before but I was always able to shut it down. Let it cool off and then start it up again. This time: nada. I had made a backup of my data just the other day, so I have not lost anything of value.

I had Fedora Core 2 on it and I tried the fsck option but I think that did more harm than good. I then tried the LINUX RESCUE installation option but that didn’t do any good. Tomorrow I will consult with the Linux gods on the message boards and see what suggestions they can throw my way. I am going to have to re-type all of the messages that are on the server screen into the email. I hate that. No copying and pasting for me.

Even if I get the server back up and running, I’m not going to be able to trust it again. So … I ordered myself one of those Buffalo LinkStation’s that I had blogged about earlier. 250G of elbow room. It should be here on Friday. I can always use this machine to try out new Linux distros.

Ah, hardware. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

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