FedEx : Incorrect Address

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I ordered the Buffalo LinkStation 250G NAS a couple of days ago from PCNation on 3/8/05. The shipment went out the same day. The next day PCNation sent me an email with the FedEx tracking information in it.

The shipment was coming from Mephis, TN so it got to Atlanta quickly. PCNation is headquartered in Illinois so I thought it would ship from there. A pleasant surprise.

So, on March 10th at 3.28am, it was “on FedEx vehicle for delivery”. At 9:10pm, it stated “Incorrect Address”. Grrr. Nowhere on their web system does FedEx state what the address is that they are delivering to. I know PCNation has the correct address. I can’t say the same for FedEx. At 2:41am on March 11th, they again have it “on FedEx vehicle for delivery”. We’ll see if the address is correct today. More correct than yesterday?

I’ve emailed customer support. We’ll see what the Customer Support lemmings have to say.

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