Canton, GA chooses Neoware to help cut TCO

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Canton, GA (The city where my wife grew up) is deploying a thin-client solution to help cut the city’s total cost of ownership.

Here is the Enterprise Linux article:,289142,sid39_gci1066591,00.html

When the evaluation process was completed, Tidd chose Neoware because the space efficient thin clients could easily be integrated into Canton’s existing heterogeneous network. And running them on Linux instead of Windows meant lower initial procurement and ongoing maintenance costs. Tidd also found that Neoware on Linux could be deployed more rapidly than the Windows-based alternatives.

I wish the article had more “beef” in it. What were the existing problems? What were the deployment issues? How have the users accepted the system? Were there migration issues of existing applications?

Perhaps there will be a follow-up.

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