Divide and conquer yourself? Huh?

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I saw this posting a week or so ago but I didn’t think much of it. A friend of mine then forwarded me this link saying that he liked what this guy was saying. Here’s the link:


I think this guy has missed the point. At least for Linux. Linux isn’t at war with anything because Linux is open and free. There are Linux proponents that get evil glee every time a M$ security exploit occurs, every time they sneak something evil into their EULA’s, or raise their licensing fees. Linux is just a thing.

There have been technology wars before. Mainframes vs. UNIX. UNIX vs. Novell. Novell vs M$. And now M$ is battling … I guess it would be open source solutions. But open source solutions (and platforms) aren’t something to be stopped. They are a different creature altogether. This creature is just something that the creators hope that great things can be built upon it; to be a great tool.

I use Linux because I choose it. I never feel like someone has coerced me into using it. If it wasn’t for VFP (Still the best development tool that I know of.) I don’t think I would have any Windows machines in my house.

Ah, VFP though. My programming heroin. I fully recognize that M$ has transformed a capable language and database into a powerful tool well beyond it’s origins. This tool has helped me buy my house, buy my cars, eat fast food and drink Mt. Dew. I haven’t enjoyed wondering what M$ will be putting in the next EULAs however. (What does ‘You cannot work around technical limitations’ mean anyway?)

But I’m getting off topic. War. In my opinion, the only reason to go to war is for freedom. I’ve already got that.

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