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A friend sent me this link to the Raible Designs blog:

I like his style. Plus he lives in Denver and talks about some of the places I know. There’s a lot of meat in his blogs. I like that.
One thing he said that caught my attention:

Microsoft is in a competitive battle against other companies, not
the free world. No corporation in their right mind is going to
download and install a free version of Linux – most are going to buy
a distribution from companies like Red Hat or Novell. Iain claims
that there’s no way you can install Linux (at a corporation) for
less money than Windows Server. It sounds to me like MSFT is willing
to give you some discounts on Windows Server if you’re thinking of
buying Linux.

I agree with this statement. No “corporation” will install a free version of Linux. I’m thinking that some “companies” (especially small ones) might. A very few of these small companies may grow up into large companies. It is definitely easier to grow a business around Linux than it is to switch (even through attrition) over to Linux when on a M$ platform.

I’m interested in seeing what GNU/Linux will do in the future. If it captures 10% of the corporate desktop market, that’d be a rousing success. The server uptake is continuing at a slow steady pace. It’ll level off at some time. I think a lot of the server uptake right now is at the expense of Sun, and other Unix players. In Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, I do believe that M$ is taking a beating. It’s a different story here in North America where M$ is holding their own (it seems) very well.

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