PyCon – Drinking from the fire hose

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I’m leaving for PyCon tomorrow and I’m a little nervous. I always get nervous about leaving my safe little home in my safe little town, especially when I haven’t been out much. I’ll be okay. I’ll be okay. I’ll be okay.

I had planned on getting hot and heavy into Python but I had a change of employment. (Long story.) I’m working for myself now and doing tons of VFP hours. I’m also much happier now. Because of that, my Python hours are limited. Read as none. I’ve heard from some other past attendees that there will be a lot of academia there. I’ve also volunteered for sign-in duty on Wednesday morning from 9am to 10. I get a volunteer t-shirt for the effort. I’ll come away better clothed, at least.

I’m changing how I am going to approach PyCon.

I am going to be focusing on what tools and habits people are
using to make themselves productive. Namely, what IDE’s are they
using and how do they debug their programs. IDLE; PythonWin;
Komodo; WingIDE; BlackAdder; or the up and coming Dabo?
I will also be listening carefully on how people are finding
contracts and what they do to earn their living.
As an officer of the Atlanta Foxpro Users Group, I am also
interested in watching how this conference is run. Perhaps we
could create a similar constructed VFP conference in Georgia.

Wish me luck! Open brain, insert information and knowledge.

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