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I’d like to chime in about my experience with SimplyMEPIS. I installed it on my laptop yesterday and so far, it’s been great! Far better than my experience with Fedora.

SimplyMEPIS is a Debian based disto like Ubuntu is however it is optimized for KDE. (I’ve heard that KUbuntu is being prepared with KDE for it’s interface.) It was awesome to issue “apt-get upgrade” and let it rip. It also has Synaptic to make it even more user friendly. I can even have the Num Lock come on automatically which was one of my pet peeves about GNOME. 🙂

Synaptic got me the latest Thunderbird, Python, wx, MySQLdb and resolved all dependencies. Downloaded Dabo and I got everything up and running in short order! Very cool! I even got KPilot to sync between Kontact and my ancient Palm V.

One thing I like about MEPIS is that it comes “fully loaded” with Flash, Java VM, and RealPlayer 10. This was a pain to get all of the media stuff working in Fedora, although I imagine that apt-get would make it pretty easy in Ubuntu.

I had one problem and that was to get to a higher resolution for my laptop display. It only seemed to want to go to 1024×768. After getting a tip from, a quick edit to my XF86-Config-4 file and a reboot got me back into my preferred 1600×1024 resolution.

I have heard that MEPIS runs slower than Ubuntu but it performs acceptably on my Dell Inspiron 4100 laptop, PIII 866 w/ 512M RAM.

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