Cable modem has a short

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I’ve been very pleased with Adelphia as my broadband provider. They have had very reliable service … until lately. It seems that I’ve had to go up and restart my RCA cable modem. To make things worse is that there was a short in the location where the power cord plugged into the main housing. The slightest jiggle of the cord would restart the modem. So, was my problem Adelphia? or was it the cable modem?

I had been down for quite a while yesterday and it seemed that every time I finally got to a human at Adelphia, the cable modem would re-sync up. It was time for a new cable modem. I rent my cable modem for $3 a month so I am entitled to an exchange free of charge. I exchanged mine with a new one at the local Adelphia office.

After calling tech-support to register the MAC address, it synced up after a few minutes. The tech guy stated that there was some packet loss on the line though. There is a ton of construction in this area so a dump truck might be parked right on top of a fiber coupling for all I know. I’ve also got a *real long* run from the cable box to my house. I’ve been running some bandwidth tests and it is running at a disappointing 1.6M. I could have sworn that I had been running at 3M before.

I’ll have to keep an eye on it. Reliability is the most important factor. Price is probably second, and speed is third. Harumph. Lost hours.

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