MicroSoft : Sued into oblivion?

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Dvorak has some interesting things to say in his latest column:,1759,1781181,00.asp

His basic point is that MicroSoft went screaming to the EU to enforce patents much to the dismay of the FOSS (Free Open Source Software) crowd. Dvorak’s point is that instead of working against the FOSS crowd, it will work against M$ and other patent holders.

So while Microsoft thinks that software patents are a good idea because it hopes it can stop the open-source folks by suing some small fry, it has unintentionally made itself a huge target. Everything the company does will be scrutinized by millions of eyeballs looking to score. This may be the stupidest thing the company has ever done to itself.

Does anyone really like patents? Other than lawyers? Why should software be patented? What has M$ done? They were probably listening to their lawyers advice. Can’t we all just get along?

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