MicroSoft to Launch A Huge Ad Campaign

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Here’s an interesting article about M$ launching a new advertising campaign. [Click Here for the Article] Interestingly, this isn’t about their new Longhorn release. There are starting to be rumblings of that release not happening in 2006, but being pushed to 2007 instead. This campaign is just about Windows in general. Astronomy on Windows? Gimme a break. Astronomy on Windows isn’t Windows strong point! Something else is at play here.

Microsoft’s Windows operating system enjoys incredible dominance on the world’s computers. Research firm IDC estimates that 94.4 percent of new computer operating systems sold in 2003 were Windows products.

In my opinion, there are several factors in the Linux world that is making desktop Linux much more feasible. I predict that Windows will lose a couple of more percentage points if Longhorn is pushed back to 2008. There are retail stores that are starting to sell machines with GNU/Linux pre-installed. Hardware detection is getting really good. Most new and interesting hardware connects via USB 2.0 anyway.

The Linux revolution continues and will take a whopping … 6% to 10% of the desktop market. 😉 If there continues to be Pharming and Phishing Attacks as well as the new Rootkit attacks against Windows, it may drive more users into the arms of Linux. Linux needs to be ready to welcome those users and with MEPIS and Ubuntu, I think Linux is ready.

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