Save your .NET projects by converting to VFP

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Pretty funny. The AFUG group had Rick Schummer down to speak and he turned me onto this site. William Sanders has set up this site: Most of the site isn’t working at the time of this writing but I hope to see him finish the site.

I’ve got to think that this is in response to Marcus Eggar’s site: This site sure has a few people really hot, namely VFP evangelists. Personally, I can see that there is money to be made to help people convert from VFP to .NET. I wouldn’t recommend it in most cases, but I’m sure that there are companies out there that would pay to have it done.

As more people attempt that conversion, and the creation of new projects, some are going to “crater”. There may (also) be a business to be made out of saving these projects by writing them in VFP.

It’s a mad world we live in. After seeing the insides of hundreds of American businesses, it’s amazing to me that many of them continue to survive. And yet, they do. In spite of gross mismanagement. In spite of drinking some of the Microsoft kool-aide.

I’m for hire, btw, to help save your failed .NET projects (and failed VFP projects) and to rewrite them from the ground-up in a good VFP model.

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