New Search Engines Getting More Specific

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MSN and AOL are trying to beat Google at it’s game.

As this gets more and more difficult, other search engines are starting to pop up that will more specifically solve a problem. Beating the generic search engines by doing a specific task better than the huge generic search engines could.

One that I’m very excited about is This search engine focuses on providing reviews and product research. Their tag line is “We find buying guides, articles, forums, reviews, specs and information from across the web to help you buy the right product.” Their search results have been excellent so far. I’ve turned to it a lot when buying technical merchandise.

Another search engine that holds promise is This is the search engine that Ask Jeeves should have been. It allows for direct feedback by the visitors on the results to make the next searches smarter. You do this by clicking the “thumbs up” icon on the search results that were most helpful to you.

Its a natural process that after the generic solutions are provided and matured, that a solution to a more specific solution will appear. Look for Microsoft to buy a few of these new companies out to help them build expertise and drive up ad revenue dollars.

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