Belkin 50% Off Sale

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Okay. It’s not really a sale.

About a year ago, I heard a tip on TechTV (Boy, I miss that station and I never watch the G4 crap that’s on now. All games.) that if you visit the Belkin web site, put something in your shopping cart, and type in the coupon code of “12345” that it is an automatic 50% off. Something called “Friends of Belkin” program. I decided to give it a try since my UPS gave it up the other day. Sure enough, it worked!

I purchased a $109 UPS for $55. Sure, the $109 was too much but the $55 price is sweet!

$55 720VA UPS + $3.95 tax + $14 shipping = $72.85 at my door step. Give it a try.

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