Blocking More Popup Ads

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Some websites that I go to open up popup windows that Firefox can’t block. I guess I could turn off Java Script. In fact I’ve been reading about many programmers doing so with great success. I could also go out and install additional plugins to help with the issue as well but this seems overkill.

Mozilla Firefox has another tool built-in that can be of help. If you go to “Tools|Options|Web Features” and then across from the “Load Images” checkbox there is an “Exceptions” button. You can enter any IP address or domain there and block the popup from loading images from that site.

As an example, I visited a site that opened up a popup and loaded images from “”. I don’t really want to load *any* images from so I went to the above dialog and entered just the base domain “” and saved. No more annoying flashing advertising.

I hope this is a helpful tip in the fight over popup advertising. Of course the best solution is to never buy from the pop-up advertisers. Somebody is doing it. It surely wasn’t me.

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