.NET: Too Little Progress

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Peter Banks was making some interesting observations now that VB.NET is now 5 years old.

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Main point: “VB Classic” was a RAD tool that made developers productive. VB.NET, while more powerful, may be too difficult to knock out the “one-off” programs that are quite useful in companies.

In my opinion, it appears as if Peter Banks is being too kind. What I’m reading from him is that VB.NET and .NET is a step backwards. It’s quite powerful but at the expense of productivity.

I’m in the mind that a development tool should be simple. Simple to crank out applications of all sorts. If you need more power, the development tool should allow for drilling down into the deeper (and darker) corners to get more granular control. It appears as if .NET is too complex. Other development tools are too simplistic. There’s got to be a tool (or toolset) out there somewhere that combines the best of all worlds.

It’s too bad that M$ isn’t pushing Foxpro.

Thanks to Russell Campbell of Interthink for the link to the article.

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