Visual FoxPro and its open source code

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Open source is often described as being free as in freedom and free as in beer.

MicroSoft’s Visual FoxPro isn’t open source free as in beer but parts of it are open source as in freedom. The fox team has included a lot of the source code available for review. Not for modification where it would be refactored back into the product, but reviewed to extend the knowledge of the FoxPro developers. Like me! THANK YOU FOX TEAM!

I have a client that is wanting a custom look for the report previewer. I have subclassed the report previewer and it is working out very well. I did have an issue where I was wanting to print a report when exiting the report previewer and I didn’t understand what was going on. By looking at the base report previewer code, I was able to understand that they were passing a parameter that allowed for the printing when exiting.

15 minutes to search for the right solution. 5 minutes to understand that solution. 1 minute to adjust my code to pass the same parameter. Done. ( THIS.ListenerRef.OnPreviewClose(tlPrintOnExit) )

Open Source is wonderful … even when it isn’t free as in beer!

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