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How Dell Pumped North Carolina for more than $270,000,000

The Register is following this story closely: Of course, Michael Dell is worth approximately $16,000,000,000 according to Forbes . His annual salary is $3,400,000. Rock on, I say! If your company can make $3.3B in net profits in one year, be worth $16B, and bring home $3.4M a year… Read more »

PC Mag: The names that could have been

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PC Magazine and its staff came up with some very funny names for what Windows (previously Longhorn) could have been called.,1895,1839879,00.asp So, in no particular order, here is PC Magazine’s suggested list of Windows names instead of Windows Vista: Of course, there’s always “Windows 06? 07? 2010?” “Windows XP… Read more »

HP to slash workforce by about 10 pct

      No Comments on HP to slash workforce by about 10 pct “They’ve gotten themselves in fighting shape here,” said technology strategist Caris & Co. analyst Mark Stahlman. “I think this is going to give a big boost to morale internally.” “big boost to morale”? This is code-speak meaning “big boost to the stockholders”. Another example of the tail wagging the… Read more »

The End of OS/2

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IBM officially releases notification of the end of OS/2: I never worked with OS/2 with the exception of doing an install of a FoxPro 2.6 application at John Deere’s corporate headquarters in 1995. The system was Windows based and it ran in emulation mode on OS/2 so it was… Read more »