AOL’s Missed Opportunity : Desktop OS

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Alex Feldstein turned me onto this entry from Hans Bjordahl:
AOL’s Missed Opportunity

I was an AOL subscriber when it was really Compuserve, Prodigy and AOL as the major players. I left when I couldn’t stand the Spam any more. I think that was something like in 1997.

AOL rocked in it’s day. That day has passed however. It’s easy to confuse the timeline in history however. Today, Knoppix, MEPIS, and Ubuntu distributions could easily replace Windows. Linux wasn’t nearly as sophisticated ten years ago, however. It’s a cool thought but I don’t think it was feasible back then. Hardware support and “plug-and-pray” were dodgy.

What I can’t figure out today is why doesn’t AOL push the premier services? Unlimited music downloads? File storage and access from anywhere? Remote desktop access? Movie downloads? The free VOIP telephone service is a start. AOL needs more of that to stay alive.

Someday, we’ll remember AOL just like we remember monochrome monitors, floppy drives, and modems.

Kick it in gear AOL! If Novell can survive their blunders, you can too!

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