PC Mag: The names that could have been

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PC Magazine and its staff came up with some very funny names for what Windows (previously Longhorn) could have been called. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1839879,00.asp So, in no particular order, here is PC Magazine’s suggested list of Windows names instead of Windows Vista:

Of course, there’s always “Windows 06? 07? 2010?”
“Windows XP Service Pack 3.”
“Windows Elephant. Really big. Really powerful. Quite smart, too. But still a big target for bad guys.”
“Windows XQ.”
“Windows DOA. Meaning Derivative Operating Application, of course.”
“CashCow 2006”
“Better Late Than Never 5.0”
“Likeyoureallyhaveachoiceanyway Professional?”
“Windows Finally Except for Few Bugs That We Will Tinker With Until The Next OS Comes Along Professional Edition.”
“If they keep pulling interesting features, I might suggest WinDoze.”
“All Your Apps Are Belong to Us.”
“OS Xl”
“Windows 2: Bugs in the Hood.”
“Windows CU�Compulsory Upgrade.”
“Windows AT�Antitrust.”
“Windows Longawaitedhorn.”
“Windows OZ. Have Ozzy introduce it.”
“Windows, Windows, Bo-Bindows, Bonana-Fanna-Fo-Findows, Fee-Fy-Mo-Mindows, Windows.”

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