IE Only Sites :: A new weapon to gain access

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I’m a big Mozilla Firefox advocate. I know of a couple of “IE only” sites however that have caused several problems to some friends who are giving Firefox a try.

Firefox will not work with ActiveX controls. This is a good thing in my opinion. So if the “IE Only” site really uses ActiveX controls, then the site wouldn’t work with Firefox no matter what settings are made. There are still some “IE Only” sites that would work if they just allowed Firefox and other browsers access.

Here is a time where spoofing is a good thing. There is a control that can be installed in Firefox called User Agent Switcher. It is available for download for free from the MozDev site.

All this tool does is send a different header to the web page, identifying itself as IE instead of Firefox. All of this is controled by a simple setting from the “Tools” : “User Agent Switcher” menu choice.

Two thumbs up!

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