Drew and Brent Speedie – A Tragic Loss

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Like a sucker punch to the stomach:

On Friday, September 16, 2005, Drew Speedie and his son, Brent, fell a few hundred feet to their deaths from a bridge in Yellowstone Park. The Speedie family was on vacation there. Details of this tragedy are extremely limited at this time.

I’ve been dealing with this loss for a couple of days now. My wife asked me why I looked so sad and I told her “One of the best foxpro developers in the world has died.” It’s a tragic loss for our shrinking community. Brent’s life was yet to fulfill a bright future. I had the honor of meeting both Drew and Brent (and Irene) at several conventions.

To Irene, and the rest of Drew and Brent’s family, my sincerest condolences.

There are heros of mine that I knew would eventually leave the Foxpro world: Markus Eggar, Rick Strahl, Kevin McNeish. There are others however, that I figure would stick with it as their primary development tool. I thought about these people as a “litmus test” for the health of the language. Some of these people are Doug Hennig, Craig Berntson, Tamar Granor, Andy Kramek, Andrew MacNeill, and others. One of the people that I would definitely look to in this litmus test was Drew Speedie. He loved what he did, he loved programming in Fox, and it showed.


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