Fox Forward Conference 2006

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I’m not ready to announce anything … yet. I’ve been working hard on getting together a new FoxPro conference here in Atlanta. It certainly has been interesting and I haven’t even really begun yet. I’m planning on this being a “community conference” so I might as well blog about some of the goings on in public, eh?

I don’t want to compete with SW Fox or DevCon so some of my plans are purposefully different. It’s good to see GLGDW back! I’ve gone to that conference several times and it’s always been worth it. I may go to that conference in addition to my own! Of course, I’m spending (losing) so much money on this conference that I might not be able to afford it. Let it be known that I’m not looking to make any money on the conference. I’m hoping not to lose too much money on it either. 🙂

Well, what to say? The other conferences have announced their dates and locations. This is putting big pressure on me to get a facility and nail down a date. I’ve been putting out feelers but nothing has really panned out. I need to finalize the facility in the first two or three weeks of January. This is my goal. All other things flow from this decision: cost, date, sponsors, speakers, attendees, etc.

I’ve been working on the Fox Forward web site and the shell of it is ready to go. I’m going to register a domain name soon. Early in 2006, I’m going to set up a LLC as an umbrella to conduct all Fox Forward business under.

Stay tuned!

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