Fox Forward : Looking for conference space

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Kim and I left this morning to tour some of the facilities with conference space for the Fox Forward conference. We hit several hotels in the north part of Atlanta. With this being my first conference that I’ve ever hosted, this was a learning experience to say the least.

Each hotel loves to ask how many rooms (of the sleeping kind) that our attendees will be needing. Definitely where they make their money. Of course this is my least favorite question because I have no clue on how many people will be coming to the conference, how many will be from out of town, and how many might pick a room from down the street at a cheaper hotel but with no conference facilities.

I need flexible space, wireless internet access, lunch(?), beverages, Keynote presentation configuration, etc. Of course programmers like to drink a lot (I don’t though) so a hotel bar is a big plus. So many considerations, so little time. I’ve got to make a decision in the next week and a half.

I reached out to a representative here in Atlanta from MicroSoft to see if they would provide some facilities (gratis?) but I haven’t heard back from them. Perhaps I should drop and email to Ken Levy or YAG? Time’s running out.

Bottom line is that I need to be much more specific on what I need these facilities to bid on. Their first bids were very loosey goosey. I can only blame myself. I wasn’t asking the right questions; specific questions. I’m learning. I’m learning.

Stay tuned!

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