Fox Forward : More conference space searching

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We had our first ever Fox Forward Advisor Board meeting this past Tuesday. Sure, it started off more as a whisper than a roar but that’s the way of things. Too much life, too little time. We came up with a proposed date and that is the important thing.

I’m keeping the date a secret for a little while longer. We checked and there is no major holiday and no school events (for my kids) that weekend so we’re going with that.

I’ve given out that date to two of the conference hotels and they’re going to get me a more complete bid based on reserved dates. This should get us a better detailing of all of the fees involved including wireless internet access, lunch, beverages, projectors, etc.

I called down to the Crown Ravinia hotel which was referred to me. I’m going to stop by and take a peek while I’m on my way to the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group meeting. Their rates are as compatible with the other hotels and they can be considered on MARTA, the rapid transit system in Atlanta. MARTA will be a plus for those attending from out of town.

If we nail down a facility, then we can start to solicit for speakers. Once we have a few speakers signed up, then we can open registration. I’m calculating the break even point of attendees between 50 and 60.

We’re starting to make some progress! Just a note on my blog about the Fox Forward conference; I’m blogging because I really do want this to be a community conference and thus, to be open about what good and (gulp!) bad things are happening in regards to the conference. Stay tuned.

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