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I admit that I haven’t been as good about backups or updating offsite storage as well as I should have. Over on the ProFox list, someone was recommending the Strong Space ( service.

So I signed up. Very cool service. $8 per month for 6G of space. You can upload a zip file and it has an option to unzip it when it arrives at the server. Bonus!

The file transfers are done via SFTP and I was shopping around for which Linux client I would use for the SFTP file transfers and, right under my nose, is Konqueror. In the location bar just type in “s” type in the password when prompted and copy and paste to your hearts content. Two thumbs up!

Now I need to figure out a more automated what of accomplishing my backups. I don’t want to back up too little, or too much, or too frequently, or too infrequently. This will take some tweaking.

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    Strongspace has recently doubled their prices and no longer present a good deal. I’ve created a space on Lunarpages which gives 250G for $7 per month. A much better deal although they don’t offer SFTP.

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