Fox Forward : Finalizing meeting space contract / Web Hosting

Lots of good stuff is going on. I’m losing sleep so it must be getting serious!

I’m emailing with a facility that I’m hoping to get the conference hosted at. It’s amazing on how ambiguous their contract is! They make confusing references between the “hotel rooms” and the “meeting space rooms”. They refer to both of them as “rooms”. Argh. When talking about guarantees and money, I like to be as clear as possible. 😀 Very close.

On the web hosting front, a company has stepped up and has offered hosting services. We’re in the process of working out the kinks in the setup, getting email configured, etc. I hope to have it all ready for a “go live” tomorrow morning! I’ll give a big “thank you!” to the company once we go live.

After we’ve announced the dates and location, we’ll be working hard on the web site. I’d like to set up a message board for the community to ask their questions about the conference, and a mailing list for Speakers, Vendors, Attendees, and Volunteers. Communication will be key to making this the best conference possible.

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