Fox Forward : Whirlwind of activity

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Wow. We’ve announced the conference and now we’re all scrambling to fill in the holes.

We announced the place and dates, but we didn’t have the web form for the potential speakers to submit their presentations. Done and we’re getting some speaker submissions rolling in. This is good news.

We had a company want to become a sponsor. We had a page for some fundamental sponsorship information, but no agreement for sponsors to fill out and submit to us. Done. Each $ we get in sponsorship means that we can offer better services to our attendees and speakers. I’d love to add a speaker dinner.

We’ve also had some criticisms. I’m not discouraged by them. Actually quite the opposite. This means that people care!

Craig Berntson was put off by our far north location. There’s a couple of factors at play here. One is that Alpharetta has a huge number of FoxPro companies in the Atlanta area, including not too far from my house. The second aspect here is that I tried and tried to find space either around 285, or by the airport. No one ever called me back. After we signed up with the Hilton, the Atlanta Converence and Convention people got back with me saying that a dozen hotels around the airport didn’t have space for us. Two weeks to tell me that there isn’t any space?!? Then it dawned on me. I wonder how much of the New Orleans convention business is being redirected to Atlanta?!? An unsubstantiated theory, for sure, but it kinda makes sense. Anyway, I worked on a “Ground Transit” page on the site. The MARTA train will get attendees a good distance to the conference for just $1.75. Not perfect but it was the best I could do. I even put in some prices for car rentals from on the site. $12 to $17 per day before taxes. Not too bad.

Andrew MacNeill, correctly pointed out that I was overusing the “For Developers by Developers” slogan. I even spelled it wrong! (I almost spelled it wrong in typing this too!) Corrected with new, overused slogans. 😀 Then I open up my January 2006 FoxPro Advisor magazine and what do I see as a caption of a section in Andrew’s article about HackCX? Yup! “By developers for developers”. Spelled correctly, I might add. (Andrew, don’t get mad. I’m just bustin on you a little bit!) Perhaps this will be an overused catch phrase that we’ll look back kindly on. Kinda like “dyn-o-mite!” from the 70’s! Argh, I’m old.

Well, I’m working hard on the conference and certain things are falling into place. I’ve got to get out the emails to the “A list” of speakers. I’ve also got to approach some companies to see if they’re interested in becoming sponsors. I also need to finalize the pricing for the conference. It’s amazing to me how expensive the AV equipment is. I understand the LCD projectors, but audio systems?!? It’d be cheaper for me to purchase a system than to rent one for three days! I can’t believe it.

Stay tuned!

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