We are under attack from robots!!!

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I have entered in some comments over the last few days into various FoxPro related blogs. Many of these blogs get hammered by robots and other processes slamming the blog comments and content.

One way of combating these automated systems is to present a graphic with skewed and obscured characters and then prompting the visiter to enter these into a text box.

Am I the only one that gets these codes wrong?!? Sometimes I have to type in the codes a third or even fourth time. This especially goes for more prominent sites such as Amazon and Ebay. I don’t have the solution but some of these characters are really obscure and I think I have good eyesight! Of course, then (hopefully) the next version is easier to read and I can enter the correct code.

I’m starting to get some robot submissions on my homemade blog too. Perhaps I’ll start by presenting a random number in text (“127”) and then having the visitor type in that number and comparing it behind the scenes before accepting the submission.

What a crazy world we live in! We’re under attack by robots!

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