SimplyMEPIS 3.4.3

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My laptop runs MEPIS. I admit that it had become unstable, mostly because I loaded some software from the “UnStable” repositories and they didn’t install properly. Go figure. I saw that SimplyMEPIS 3.4.3 was released so I figured this was my opportunity to upgrade.

I copied all of my files (and I mean *ALL* of my files) over to my server. I then reformatted my hard drive. I know a lot of you Windows people will gasp at such drastic action. Truth be told, a full installation of MEPIS with formatting the HD only takes about 20 minutes. Tons of useful software is installed by default such as FireFox, Thunderbird, Open Office, The Gimp, media players including Real Player, and others. 20 minutes! I kid you not!

I copied back my .mozilla-thunderbird directory back from the server. I copied back all of my documents, and HTML/PHP pages. Yes, I straightened up a bit. It’s nice to do some spring cleaning.

Hold on a second! Where’s my Quanta+, my favorite HTML editing tool? I went to Synaptic and tried to get it. Not there. Quanta came standard in previous releases of MEPIS, I can’t believe that it’s not there, and not available. This makes me sad. There’s some references that it can be downloaded from testing repositories but I’m hesitant to do so.

Overall, two thumbs up!

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