Fox Forward : Listing some speakers and topics

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It’s been a busy couple of days. I emailed out confirmation emails to the people that had submitted topics. I just wanted to check that they are still interested in speaking and giving them a chance to back out. {grin} Of course with my mail server failing, some of the emails didn’t go out. Grrrr.

Well, the acceptances are rolling in. I’m listing them as I receive them. Perhaps that’s a mistake in that some people may think that there are only going to be a handful of speakers. I’m hoping for more accpetances in the next day or so. Take a look at the speakers page.

Andy Kramek has commented on the Autumn FoxPro Conferences and we’ve already confirmed three additional speakers since his posting.

To me, the topics are extremely interesting. They’re all from a practical perspective, real world. Keepin’ it real!

I’m behind on the registration stuff. I’m going to be using PayPal to take the credit card information because of the low fees. It took me longer to get PayPal and my bank talking. I’m hoping to open it up tomorrow. Gather up your change!

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