Mail Server Failure Last Night

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I host my web sites with ( and I use them for their mail servers as well. Last night, at 9pm, I couldn’t authenticate into the mail server. I spoke with a support technician who stated that for my account, the only user he saw was ‘root’. Wha?!?!?!

He had to go back to tape to retrieve the other accounts. When I got up this morning, I still wasn’t able to authenticate although the techs indicated that the mail accounts were restored.

I again called in and what had happened is that in the restoration process the passwords were reset. After changing them I’m back in business.

I’m not too mad as this is the first time something bad had happened in over 7 years of hosting. It certainly was a Maloxx moment however. I’ve got lots of emails out for the Fox Forward Conference and I didn’t want them bouncing back to people responding to me.

Stuff happens.

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