Is MSN the best search engine? Yes!

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I’ve been searching for some eclectic topics on the Internet lately. Of course with the Google toolbar, I started by searching with Google first and went through several pages of results and I didn’t really find what I was looking for.

I then turned to several of the other search engines. Yahoo, A9, Ask, Lycos, and MSN. By far, MSN returned the most relevant results.

Don’t take my word for it! Try it yourself. It will take less than 5 minutes. Pick a word, or better yet, a word set. Then search on several of the search engines. Which gave you the best results?

I’m thinking that Google is a victim of its own success. I think too many people are targeting Google and trying to trick it into getting top position. Because of this, I’m thinking that Google is going to great lengths to level the playing field as far as results go. What this means is that their search results is much more “gray”. It’s harder to find the gems in the gray water.

I think MSN is going to be my search engine of choice for a while. The results speak for themselves.

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