My Sad REALbasic CGI Story

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I had a few minutes to play and I wanted to see if I could get a REALbasic CGI application running. I opened up RB on Windows, and opened up a RB Project file (cgiapp.rbp) that I had pulled from the web. I made a small change to their “Hello World” application, built for Linux. I copied it then into CGI directory of my Linux laptop, and … it worked!!! {Happy Dance!}

Rocking! Amazing. Amazing that a guy of my limited intelligence could get this working.

Hmmm. Can I get this to work on my hosting account at I FTPd the files up into my CGI directory and … 500 error. Dang. I checked the execution settings via CHMOD. Nothing there. I called the normally excellent HostMySite technical support and they said they would look into it. I received an email back saying that the application was looking for and that I should include this in my application.

Well, I searched around on the web and the RB forums but this seemed to be a problem that has more or less resolved itself in mid 2005, but not at my hosting site. I copied this file up to the CGI directory and the TMP directory hoping that the application would just find it and run with it. Unfortunately not.

I called back and asked if they would install on the server for me. They said that they would pass this onto their server team and let me know their decision shortly.

I finally heard back from them this morning. Here’s their response:

We took a look at the complied executable that you are trying to run on your server and unfortunately that will not be able to be run in a shared environment because it requires the gcc libraries that are installed with gcc. Unfortunately for security purposes we cannot install gcc on a shared server and allow executables to run.

If you would like to be able to run executables on your server and though apache we recommend a VPS plan. A VPS is your own virtual server where you have root access. The hardware is shared between vpses that are fully isolated from each other.

Dang. Their VPS plans are $30 a month, more or less. I was really hoping that RB would run on the servers with a $8 per month plan. Yes, I’m cheap. I guess I need to post into the RB forums and I’m a bit disappointed considering how easy it was to get running on my own Linux laptop. Stay tuned!

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