REALbasic “Could not connect to database.”

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I’m trying to jump back into REALbasic development so I started a new project.  Being a database guy, the first thing that I wanted to do was to create the database and corresponding tables.  So I choose “Add / Database / New REAL SQL Database…”  I then give the name and location for the database (MyDatabase.rsd) and it shows up in the Project tab, kinda greyed out.  Okay.  So I double click on it and get the message box of “Could not connect to database.”  Wha the?  I look and there’s no database on the hard drive.

After Googling a bit and looking in the forum, I came to the realization that … I had forgotten to download the database plugins for RB on my new Linux box!  Doh!  Well, live and learn.  I’ve downloaded them and all is well.  It’s a strange error message for this condition.

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