I wish they hadn’t said that. – No VFP10

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It’s official. No VFP10. Support for VFP will run through 2015 though.

YAG makes the official comment on his blog: Message to the VFP Community

It’s been a great time, and VFP will continue to support me for a long time. M$ bought Fox when it was in version 2.6 and at that time, it ran on Unix, DOS, Mac, and Windows. Now, Visual Foxpro only runs on Windows. M$ did morph the product into something excellent over the years. VFP 3.0 was OO but slow. VFP went straight to VFP 5.0 and it was semi stable but back to being fast. VFP 6.0 was stable and fast. VFP 7.0 was again great. VFP 8.0 was a major step with the breaking down of limitations. VFP 9.0 again removed limitations and is one of the best environments to develop data centric applications ever.

I wished they didn’t say that there wouldn’t be a VFP 10 even though I always knew there wouldn’t be another version. I just don’t want to scare my customers. VFP is going to around for a LONG time.

In the mean time, I’ve got FoxForward to help implement. For future development, I’m going to focus on learning REALbasic and Dabo.  I’m right in the middle of a desktop application that uses VFP as the front and middle tier, with MySQL as the back end.  It’s an awesome combination.  Back to work!

2 thoughts on “I wish they hadn’t said that. – No VFP10

  1. danamm

    If you are going to learn REALbasic, have you considered attending REAL World, the REALbasic User Conference to be held May 9-11 in Ausin, Texas. This year’s conference will feature a beginner’s track complete with 4 introductory sessions taught by Jerry Lee Ford, Jr., the author of Beginning REALbasic. If you would like more information, please visit http://www.realsoftware.com/realworld.

  2. kcully Post author

    Thanks Dana. I’m going to skip the other VFP conferences this year, (other than the conference that I host myself! {g}) and I plan on attending RealWorld. Unfortunately I totally spaced on the early registration! Doh! That mistake will cost me an extra $100. 🙁 Should be very interesting. Now, to find cheap airfare.

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