REALbasic – My pros and cons

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Over on the ProFox mailing list, someone was asking where people are going to be focusing their R&D/Learning time on? Actually the poster was asking about “Life after VFP?” Well, VFP isn’t going away!!! I’m going to be productive with VFP for at least a decade.

Anyway, I’ve been touting REALbasic over on the forum. I think I’m the only one that’s taken the leap to actually develop in it but several people are curious about it so I came up with my own “pros and cons”. The list is a good one if I don’t say so myself, so here it is on my blog.

1) Easy to learn for Fox folk
2) Object oriented
3) Cross platform
4) Good IDE
5) Has a company dedicated and focused on its enhancement and growth
6) Reasonably priced (Free standard edition on Linux platform)
7) Database independent
8) Multi threaded
9) Strong typed
10) Growing developer base
11) There are books and magazines about RB
12) Closed source

1) Closed source
2) No report writer (but available in after market plugins)
3) Not yet in Tiobe top 50
4) Not easy to run under a cheap web hosting account like PHP or .NET
5) Has the word “Basic” in name (RB is not VB6 though!)
That’s my list.  Any criticisms?

I’m interested enough that I’ve signed up for their REALWorld conference in May. I’m going to check things out more and hopefully learn some of the things that are gaps in my knowledge of RB. I’ll post about it here.

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