How to learn Visual Foxpro?

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Foxpro and Visual Foxpro has been around for a really long time. Check out the Foxpro History web site at Because of this, many VFP Developers are old hats at Foxpro development. We’re also graying, with receding hairlines, and tires in the middle, but that’s for another posting.

But what if you want to learn VFP from the beginning? I received just such an inquiry today from someone interested in the FoxForward conference. The short answer is that I’m at the mercy of the potential presenters, and what topics they submit for the conference. Of course, if there is a topic that you’re interested in, I can certainly solicit the topic to the Foxpro community.

But what do you do when you want to learn Visual Foxpro? Craig Boyd has put together a couple of videos on his web site. You can find them here. Excellent, of course.

I knew there was another site dedicated to those that wanted to learn Visual Foxpro and I couldn’t get my hands on it. I had lost the link. I finally found it by digging through my emails. I want to blog about it so I never lose that link again!

Learn Visual FoxPro – Free!

The site was created by Garfield Hudson from Ontario, Canada. What can I say except that it is a very rich web site, chock full of video goodness. Great job Garfield! Keep up the good work.

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