: Lusting for a open sourced PVR?

Yes I am. Lusting for an open sourced PVR. TVEase and their line of products fit the bill.

Full notice: this company is just starting up and they have a full set of growing pains. Their fullfillment backlog is a problem because the guys that own the company work day jobs and build these things at night.  Basically the demand is greater than they can handle at times.  But dang! Look at those boxes they’re cranking out! They’re coming out with a new line of boxes in several months called the Aptus. If I was to guess, I would say it’s going to replace the Hannibal line but that’s just a guess. - Aptus

Sweet! Open sourced, expandible, no monthly fees. Lust is in the air, and it’s not just for my wife! I guess this would be “geek lust”. Guilty! I gotta save up!

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