Moneydance : Accounting for Win, Mac, and … gasp! … Linux!!!

I haven’t even given it a try … yet. But I’ve been looking for something like this. I have been using the very aged “Checkbook Tracker” to track my business checkbook. It does my math for me, and that’s about it.

I run most of my business on Linux machines, and I’ve been looking for an accounting system that I can live with. I’ve got my own system that I have built using Foxpro and West-Wind Web Connect and I’ve been itching to rewrite it with a PostgreSQL back end and a REALbasic front end, and a REALbasic web interface. What I want to do is to link my system into an accounting system to make it “complete”. Moneydance looks very promising as it even has it’s own API.

I found Moneydance over on and one of their main criticisms (yes, a small criticism) was that it wasn’t free.  Honey, at $30, it’s as good as free!  Yes, I mean it!  The $30 is just to keep the crazies out.  For an accounting system, that’s free.

I’m going to take it for a spin and I’ll let you know my impressions. Yes, I’m excited about an accounting system. Crazy? Like a Fox! (If it works.)

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