New Camera Canon PowerShot A550 and Linux’ digiKam

Our current digital camera is ancient.  The equivalent digital camera is currently going for about $50 and is half the size.   Our old camera, the Olympus D-490 has been a real work horse for our family for many years now.  But with REALworld coming up, and my wife needing a camera for the events coming up for the boys, I figured that I would indulge myself and purchase a new digital camera.

Jimmy, Kim’s brother, had a Canon PowerShot that I was very impressed by.  The operating speed of the camera was phenominal.  I checked some reviews, and yup sure enough, the camera came well recommended.  After visiting at a client’s location, I stopped into Target and purchased the camera on sale for $179.   So far, so good.  The camera is about half the size and weight as the Olympus and very speedy.

I took some sample pictures and I decided that I would test downloading them to the MEPIS Toshiba laptop.  I plugged in the camera and it identified that it was attached.  When I double clicked on the folder in Konqueror … nothing happened.  It couldn’t read the directory.  Crap.

I checked with Google, and found this site with a tutorial on getting a Canon working with digiKam.   I followed the instructions there, and I was having some trouble because the A550 wasn’t on the list.  I tried the Canon PowerShot A520 (PTP mode) and the Canon PowerShot A510 (normal mode).  No go.

As it turns out, I was making it hard on myself.  From the menu “Camera / Add Camera …” option, all I had to do was to hit the “Auto-Detect” button.  Bing!!! We have a winner.  Sure, it didn’t have the right name but it just worked!  I was able to rename the camera after the fact to be “Cannon PowerShot A550”.

Download the pictures.  No problem.  Delete the pictures off of the camera.  No problem.

Thank you to the digiKam team for creating such a great piece of software.  Awesome.

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