REAL World – Day Zero

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I left my wife and kids and dog at 11am this morning and began my long journey to the REAL World conference, held in Austin, Texas. While DevCon is going on in California, I’m drinking from the fire hose of REALbasic.

Omni Hotel - Fourth floor viewThe flight was uneventful, which is an event all to itself! The flight wasn’t full so I didn’t have anyone sitting next to me. It gave me a chance to develop a test REALbasic program to query a PostgreSQL application. It worked! Anyway, shuttle to the hotel, get aquanted, check the email. Yes, wireless Internet from my fourth floor room works nicely. No business emergencies, which is nice, and so I decide to head out to dinner.

Some of the cool shops and restaurants in Austin, TXAfter some advice from the concierge, I walked the couple of blocks to the Iron Cactus bar/restaurant. Awesome. I had the Spicy Chicken Fried Steak and it was incredible. Awesome garlic potatoes.

Back to the hotel for the registration. I was very curious about what kind of people were going to be attending the conference. Yes, they’re a bit younger than at Fox conferences. Yes, there are even some people in their twenties!

REAL World - Registration on Day ZeroAs a conference organizer, I’m also examining what they’re doing with the conference. The session notes are on a CD, and they gave a blank book for conference notes.The Conference schedule is nicely printed on a full color brochure. That must have cost a pretty penny. They probably won’t have the risk of a presenter not showing up, as I run based that I’m not financially compensating my presenters at FoxForward unless there is a net profit. Also in the package is a copy of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 (Novell is a sponsor of REAL World), the latest copy of REALbasic Developer magazine (Note to self: subscribe) and a very nice monogrammed shirt.

It was very nice to put a face to Dana’s name. I haven’t had a chance to meet Geoff yet, but perhaps I’ll get the chance sometime tomorrow. I’ve got to go through the session notes. I can’t wait to fill my brain. This conference could be very important to the future of CULLY Technologies.

After registration, I took the opportunity to walk down to the Congress Ave. bridge to see the emergence of the Mexican Free Tailed Bat colony. It was very impressive and it wasn’t even full population yet. Evidently in August, it can almost blacken the sky. Also interesting is the population of Grackels that call at dusk. Very curious call for a bird and fascinating. Evidently the local companies find their droppings a real burden to their business.

Overall, I’m very impressed by Austin. It feels very safe just walking around. There are tons of tourists and locals walking around. Truly, there is no shortage of live entertainment. I’d have to stay weeks just to scratch the surface. Very cool so far, two thumbs up from REAL World.

Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll have more detailed postings. Stay tuned!

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